F-12 Baler and Two-Row Corn Planter Paint Color

Hi. I have a Ferguson F-12 square baler and also a Ferguson 2-row corn planter. I was wondering if you or your club have any paint codes for the correct color or something close. I am going to paint them. February 19, 2015.

The F-12 baler was originally painted Ferguson light gray, number M-1011. It’s available from a number of sources including AGCO/Massey Ferguson, pre-mixed. Click on the paint link in the Reference area and go through the pages and you’ll find the information you want. The corn planter could have been originally painted either Ferguson light gray or the darker Ferguson gray, M-1001, used on the TO-20 and TO-30. When the TO-35 came out the color used on the implements changed to the M-1011 gray. You may want to paint them the same color for simplicity.