Draw Bar for Implements

What was the “standard” set up for pulling implements? Did they use a draw bar mounted under the tractor or did they use a draw bar with the lifting arms? August 12, 2014

The draw bar that came with the Ferguson TE-20, TEA-20, TO-20, TO-30, TO-35 and F-40 was the cross draw bar with upper stay bars. The cross draw bar attaches to the lift links and the upper stay bars are attached to either the top link bracket or the hinged long pin just below it. This draw bar was ok for pulling things but not particularly well suited to PTO operated implements.

Optional draw bars were offered for this purpose. The horseshoe style swinging draw bar and V extension draw bar were optional draw bars for all of these tractors. Both of these optional draw bars had PTO extensions to go with them to provide a draw bar and PTO that meet ASAE standards.

The swinging draw bar that mounts under the rear axle center housing came standard on the MF-65 and later was offered an accessory for the TO-35 and F-40. Late in the MF-35 and MF-50 production, this swinging draw bar became standard equipment and the cross draw bar and upper stay links became accessories.