Draft Spring Parts Sources

I am planning on removing the draft spring on my TO-30 (I see a lot of deteriation and loose rust on the spring seat end), and I have been looking for the components (felt washer, spring seat, exc.) Would you know where I could find these parts?

I believe these parts are still available from AGCO/Massey Ferguson dealers as well as multiple after-market sources like Stevens Tractor Parts, Steiner Tractor Parts, Yesterdays Tractors, etc. Many of these parts are the same as for a Ford 9N/2N. The spring seat and spacer used on the TO-30 is a one piece assembly on the Ford 9N/2N but these parts are interchangeable as assemblies. You can also get the Ford parts from Dennis Carpenter Ford Tractor Parts. The threaded rod and the yoke may be impossible to get apart so you may have to replace them also. Again the Ford parts can be substituted as long as you replace them as a matched assembly. Different threads were used on some of the Fords so you will like have to purchase both the yoke and the threaded rod from the same source or make sure they have matching threads.