Davis Loader from a TO-30 on a TO-35

Will a Davis loader from a TO-30 fit on a TO-35?  July 5, 2016.

Yes a Davis loader from a TO-30 should fit a TO-35, providing you have the right mounting brackets. There should be no difference in the rear mounting, but I am not sure about the front mounting. The TO-35 has a more substantial front axle carrier so I am not sure the TO-30 front mount will work, but it might. Then there is the matter of the front pump.

First you’ll need a different crankshaft pulley for the TO-35, it uses a narrower belt than the TO-30. If you save the crankshaft pulley from the TO-30 you will also need a regular pulley for the TO-30 as well as a crank nut. The TO-35 crank nut will fit on the TO-30. You can leave the pump drive crankshaft pulley on the TO-30 but it might be a good idea to keep it as these are hard to find. TO-35 pump drive pulleys are much easier to find being the same as those for the MF-35, F-40, MH-50, MF-50 and the Work Bull tractors with a Z134 engine. You will probably have to remove the bottom section of the grill.

You can probably find the TO-35 style drive pulley on the internet.