Dashboard Gauges and Badges Missing

I have a Ferguson 35, Serial # 143657. It has some parts missing. Can you tell me more about it? The dashboard has an ampere gauge on left of the steering wheel and, a temperature and oil pressure gauges on the right. The large center gauge is missing. The front hood ID is missing as well as one of the side ID’s.

Yes, the large hole is where the Tractormeter or tachometer/speedometer/ hour meter goes. A nice reproduction is available from Steiner Tractor Parts here in Michigan. The unit is driven by a speedometer cable that attaches to a tachometer-drive gearbox that’s attached to the back of the generator.

If the generator has been replaced by an alternator you may want to consider installing an original generator to restore that feature. There is an alternator which is set up to operate the tachometer drive but you will likely pay more to purchase one of those alternators than it would cost to install an original style generator and tachometer drive.

A reproduction front emblem and reproduction side emblems are also available from Steiner Tractor Parts. These are currently only available with a red background and I believe your tractor should have emblems with a green background. The background color can be stripped and they can be repainted dark green.

Your tractor was originally gray/green, dark metallic green castings with Ferguson light gray sheet metal and wheels.