D-PO Drill Planter Parts Sources

I have a D-PO or D-PO-A drill planter with the A-RO-A or B60 Fertilizer attachment. I am trying to prep it for corn planting and I recognize from the parts book that I have two sprocket sizes missing: 7 tooth (688 246 m1) from fertilizer attachment and drill and, 9 tooth (688 248 M1) from the drill. Can you help me find them?

I checked the on line stock for the Parts Depot in Chilton, WI. Their online inventory shows that they have 1 of part number 688 246 M1 and 7 of part number 688 248 M1. I suspect they also have the #32 chain but that is also still available from a number of sources. The Parts Depot is a warehouse that purchases NOS parts from dealers and manufacturers but will only sell to dealers so you will have to contact a dealer who has an account with them or is willing to contact them and order the parts. The dealer does not necessarily have to be a Massey Ferguson dealer.Do you have a dealer you can contact? I can also have a dealer search done for these parts and I suspect there may be dealers that still have some of these on hand.

I have some other options in mind including possibly using planter parts made by Covington and Cole Powell. Covington made and still makes planter attachments for Ferguson, Ford and Massey Ferguson cultivators for years. There are also a number of Amish hardware and implement stores that may be able to supply sprockets you may be able to modify. These chain drive systems were common on many early planting implements.