Coulters for Ferguson Plow

Can you help me locate Coulters for my HF 12″ plow?  August 3, 2016.

The coulter disc or blade is just that, the flat metal circle without a hub. This is the most economical way to replace coulters as they are sold by multiple after-market suppliers as well as Ford New Holland and Massey Ferguson dealers. A coulter disc with a hub riveted to it usually sells for more than $100 each unless you can get them from someone selling NOS parts. Coulter discs with hubs were available from after-market suppliers years ago, but it is pretty hard to find them today. It is easier to find the disc minus the hub. Three bolt hubs are no longer sold by AGCO/MF so the only way to purchase Ferguson ones is to get them from NOS parts sources including dealers with old stock. Those hubs sell for approximately $100 each with the matching ring. Ford-New Holland still sells the 3 bolt hubs, and they too may be available from NOS parts sources. The axles are available from AGCO/MF but they too are pricey. They are the same as the Ford part which is cheaper. The end caps are available from both AGCO/MF and Ford New Holland last I knew.

To replace a coulter blade drill out the rivets. New rivets are easier to peen if you heat them to red hot first. The rivets can be replaced with new rivets, or with bolts and nuts. Again, I need to know the diameter of your old coulters to match them to the correct size replacement. I will also send you the Ford and Ferguson part numbers for the hubs, axles, caps, etc.