Correct Linch Pin Clip

Can you help me find the correct Linch Pin Clip for my Ferguson? January 11, 2016.

The correct Ferguson part # is 195645M1. Some of the early TE/TO-20, TO-30 parts books did show which of those parts could also be used on 9N/2N models however those listings are not always reliable. The original 9N/2N, 8N linch pin clip, 9N-572-C, is made from stock that is approximately half the thickness of the Ferguson part. The hole spacing is also different between the Ford and Ferguson versions of this part. I have NOS versions of both parts but they are currently in storage or I would send you pictures.

Dennis Carpenter Ford Tractor Parts, is now reproducing Ford 9N-572-C as well as the earlier version 9N-572-A which has vertically spaced holes. Now, you may be able to bend the Ford part enough for the holes to line up but I am not sure the linch pin would still fit in the pocket.

For a few years after Ford and Ferguson split it was possible to buy 9N/2N parts from both Ford and Ferguson dealers. In fact Ford and Ferguson both printed parts catalogs for the 9N/2N during this time period. Ford and Ferguson both used the same original 9N or 2N part numbers for these parts. When Ferguson’s stock of these Ford 9N/2N parts ran out they started adding notations to the TE/ TO-20, TO-30 parts catalog so dealers could continue to sell some parts for these tractors. However, as I indicated above, not everyone of these notations was correct. Some of these parts are totally interchangeable but some are not.