Corn or Bean Planter Plates Sources

Any ideas where to get corn or bean plates for the planter? What company made the planters for Ferguson? Is Burch one of the companies? May 14, 2016.

There are planter plates available, I do not know of a consistent source. Other members have been able to locate them at flea markets, tractor shows, on eBay, and from current or old dealers with New Old Stock parts. Planter plates were often sold by seed dealers as well.

As for the planter’s origins, the earliest ones likely came from Covington. It is likely the Covington planter was an attachment that fit on the cultivator or middle buster frame.

Dempster of Beatrice, Nebraska began supplying implements to Ferguson shortly after signing an agreement to do so in April, 1943. The Dempster grain drill and corn planters were part of that agreement. Dempster also supplied planters to Dearborn. A letter from Dempster to Dearborn indicates parts made for Dempster planters for Dearborn would also fit Dempster planters and Ferguson planters so the possibility exists that plates for early Dearborn planters might fit Ferguson planters.

There is also information that Standard Steel Company of Kansas City, Missouri was one of the last suppliers of planters to Ferguson. Standard also made the Ferguson tractor jack for the K-P Manufacturing Company of Olathe, Kansas.

The above information is from Ford Tractor Implements by Chester Peterson Jr., and Rod Beemer.