Converting to Upright Exhaust

A Ferguson friend of mine has a TO-30 with a 35 manifold. He wants to convert to an upright exhaust. He was at the Flywheelers last week and talked to several down there about what he needed to make the conversion but did not find anyone who had much info. Do you know anything about this? Is there a special part or piece to make the conversion? March 2, 2016.

A TO-30 with a TO-35 manifold should use the same parts to convert to vertical exhaust as a TO-35 with the original TO-35 manifold. The parts are all available from after-market suppliers.

181866M2 Cast Iron Elbow
1801041M1 Gasket
181867M91 Vertical Muffler Set for Massey Ferguson TO20 TO30 TO35 35 135 202

The vertical muffler set shown in the link above contains the correct muffer, exhaust pipe extension, clamps and rain cap. The cast iron elbow is also available from multiple supplers. I prefer this set up because it duplicates the original parts.

There is also an after-market kit out there that has a combination elbow and muffler. It is a poor substitute for the above. That kit uses a U shaped piece of exhaust pipe with a flange that bolts to the manifold and a brace. I do not recommend using this kit.