Cleaning Engine Sludge

Is there a recommended method to clean the sludge from the block, and crankcase of my ’49 TO 20?  September 13, 2016.

The procedure recommended in the Ferguson shop manual is to fill the crankcase with 10 weight oil. Watch the oil pressure while it’s running, and then drain it while its still warm. You can use detergent oil just don’t use some of those super detergent Diesel oils. Use a basic good grade of regular automotive motor oil. You may want to do this multiple times, and that still may not clean out all the sludge and junk that’s in there. The only way to get that out is to tear the engine down, and have the block tanked. Removing the pan, and cleaning out the sludge will certainly help. Check with your local automotive parts store, and they should also have some engine flushing products for the crankcase. Just follow the manufacturers directions. Remember the cooling system is also just as plugged with goo so you will have to flush that as well, and that may result in some coolant leaks, so be prepared.