Clamp Style Rear Wheel Sources

I read the article of yours in the Ferguson Furrows magazine. I have a 1958 TO-35 and the rear tires are full of calcium chloride. They are in need of replacement. Can you tell me where I can buy this style of rim? They are not spin out rims.

You have the clamp style rear rim, original part number 182 618 M2, for the old size 13″ x 24″ rear tire which is now 14.9″ x 24″ size. This rim was used as an alternative to a loop style rim. This rim is no longer available from AGCO/Massey Ferguson and I have not been able to locate anyone making a replacement version.

If you want to keep this style rim, the only alternatives I am aware of are to have your old rims repaired or rebuilt or to find a set of good used ones. These rims were used on the Ferguson TO-35 and Ferguson 40, Massey Harris 50, Massey Ferguson 50 and several industrial models including the MF Work Bull 202, 203, 204 and 205. I would try salvage yards like Nolt’s Equipment in Newville, PA, 717-776-6242; Pittsburg Tractor Inc. in Pittsburg, TX 800-342-6568 or Eberhard’s in California, 714-957-1111 or Cook Equipment, 269-673-5454.

If you are unable to find good used rims, you can replace them with either the loop style 24″ wheels or switch over to 28″ wheels. Replacement loop style rims are readily available in both the 24″ and 28″ sizes from numerous after-market parts suppliers. Finding a good set of used 24″ centers to use with the loop style rims will likely be easier than finding used ramp style 24″ rims.