Carter Carburetor Parts

Can you help me find replacement parts for a Carter Carburetor on my 35?

Parts for the Carter carburetors are almost impossible to find. The ones I do have are preserved as samples for future reproduction with Steiner Tractor Parts. We have been working to find a reasonable way to supply parts for these carburetors. but so far that has not happened.

Rebuilt Carter carburetors are still available from various suppliers, however the best long range solution is usually to replace the carburetor with a Marvel Schebler carburetor. Rebuilt originals are more plentiful than the Carter version, and parts are easier to come by. Reproduction versions of the Marvel Schebler are also available, though I would suggest purchasing the original cast-iron version as opposed to the slightly cheaper zince alloy version. These reproduction Marvel Schebler carburetors use the same parts as the original making them easy to repair, and maintain.