Carburetor Model for F40

I have an F40 Ferguson. It is in need of a carb overhaul. Are you aware of the make and model of the carburetor. It is very difficult to see any numbers, although I have not removed it from the tractor. I was told it is a Marvin Sheibler TSX 683, is that correct? June 26, 2014

The F40 used both the Marvel Schebler and Carter carburetors. Parts for the Marvel are fairly easy to come by and there are rebuild kits and rebuilt carburetors available as well as replacements that are identical to the original. Parts for the Carter are harder to come by and the kits that are available may have the needle and seat, and possibly the throttle shaft. You may have to fabricate your own main body gasket. I do have some parts so when you determine what you have, let me know and I will give you more specific information.