Can One Straighten Bent Radius Rods

Do the radius rods have a slight arch upward? Both sides have some arch, but this tractor had a loader at some time in its life, so I wonder if they are bent. If they are to be straight, I think a machine shop can straighten them. Also, the bolts that attach the radius rods to the axle must fit a little loose to allow the axle to pivot without binding, true?

The radius rods should be straight and there should be a little play in the axle mounting holes so the rods can move a bit as the axle rotates. The clamps that hold the ball ends usually have shims in them that can be removed as they wear. The balls should not rattle or wiggle around but should have sufficient clearance to allow the front axle to move easily when the front end is raised and supported at the bottom of the front axle carrier. Straightening the rods is usually not an option as they are hollow and tend to collapse when you try to bend them. However, if they are not too bad, you may be able to straighten them. Used rods are usually easy to find at tractor salvage yards. Rods from a TO-20, TO-30 and TO-35’s as well as 2N Ford Ferguson’s are interchangeable as I recall.