Can Dearborn Loader be Mounted on a 35?

I have my grandfathers Dearborn 19-22 loader that was mounted on his thirty. Have seen one mounted on an 8N. I have the thirty, and his 8N. Can it be mounted on a 35? I saw how fueling/servicing a thirty might be inconvenient with this type of loader. He kept it behind the dairy barn and put it on the thirty when he needed it. The hood on the 35 has similar access to fuel as the 8N. I need to mount the loader to use it, and I can choose a tractor to place it for long term use.

Yes, it can be mounted on your 35. As I recall it used the tractors internal hydraulic system so there should be no issue with connecting a front-mounted pump. The rear mounting brackets will mount on the 35 the same as they mounted on the 30 and an 8N, 9N or 2N. The front hanger may require some modification. The 35 front axle support is designed to make mounting a front loader bracket easier. As I recall, the 35 support is drilled and tapped where as the 30 had to be drilled to mount the front axe hanger. Some of those hangers replaced the axle pin. I’m not sure what the ones are like on your loader.