Brush Guard

I was just looking through the Jan 2016 issue of Ferguson Furrows and saw a brush guard on Larry Steed’s Ferguson 40. Is it OEM or was it a fabricated by someone? I really like the style and would to get one for my TO-35 . January 1, 2016.

The “brush guard” or front bumper is a popular after-market accessory. The bumper is not a genuine Ferguson/Massey Ferguson accessory but many have been sold by Ferguson/Massey Ferguson and other dealers. Used ones can often be found on ebay, Craig’s List, and at tractor salvage yards. They are also still available new from after-market parts stores. There are three versions I am aware of. One of the versions is designed to be used with the swept back front axles used on the TO-35, MF-35, MF-135. MF-235, TO-30, TO-20, TE/TEA-20 and many Ford models beginning with the 9N. Another version is designed to fit straight axles as used on the F-40 and the last version comes with an assortment of mounting brackets to allow the bumper to fit almost any tractor.