Broken Hydraulic Cylinder on 35

I removed the hydraulic lift cover on my 35, and discovered the rear two bolts holding the work cylinder to the lift cover are broken, and the work cylinder is tilted down at the back. The rear of the work cylinder shows signs of hard impact. What could have caused this?

I noticed what appears to be a milky foam which could be the result of water in the oil. If there is water in the oil it can ruin the relief valve, control valve, and the parts in the block assemblies. To be safe I would disassemble the pump, and look for evidence of rust, sticking, or plugged orifices. Plugged orifices are often the result of pieces of RTV gasket seal/replacement gasket getting caught in those orifices. Once you replace the lift cylinder, make sure you perform or check the basic adjustments, particularly the upper stop on the lift lever which is supposed to control the maximum lift height which is also the maximum extension of the lift cylinder. Of course that maximum lift height limit is overridden when you put the pump in constant pumping.