Brake Cross Shaft, Clutch Shaft, PTO Shaft Replacements

I am putting my TO-35 back together and have a couple of quick questions. First, if I replace the bushings on the brake cross-shaft and the clutch shaft, will I need to ream them to fit. Also, I took out the front of the pto shaft (dual stage clutch) so I could get the input shaft out to replace seals. I barely started to replace it (the front pro shaft), so I haven’t worked much with it. Is there a secret to getting the shaft to slide back in? It has engaged the front gear that drops down from the input shaft and housing.

I don’t think you will need to ream the bushings but I can’t guarantee it. These bushings are usually presized. The shafts will also have some wear so you may find that standard bushings still allow some play in the shafts. If so, you can have the shafts built up and turned down to original dimensions and/or have bushings custom made. As for the PTO shaft, one of the problems is getting the end of the PTO shaft into the needle bearing at the end. There is enough slack in the pump mount that the pump can drop down so loosening the pins that hold the pump in place will allow the pump to shift a bit and the shaft to move enough so it will go into the needle bearing at the end.