Blowing 20A Fuse

Does the coil draw enough current to blow a 20 amp fuse? I put a 20 amp fuse near the solenoid to protect the system. I keep blowing that fuse when I switch the ignition key from ignition to ignition and lights, and lights only. At this point I have not connected lights. I have checked the switch and there does not appear to be a short between the terminals and the body of the switch; however, I did not blow fuses when I had the switch just hanging by the wires and switched it back and forth. May 5, 2015.

I am not sure what is causing the fuse you installed to blow though, I would question if a 20 amp fuse is adequate. Ferguson does not install a fuse in this circuit so this is uncharted ground. When you consider that a 20 amp fuse is needed to handle the load of the lights, the fuse in the main circuit must be large enough to handle the load of the tractor electrical system plus 20 amps. However, since you say you have nothing connected to the lighting circuit I am assuming you have nothing connected to the “L” terminal? If that is the case, that would seem to indicate the problem is in the ignition switch. Check to see you have the switch wired correctly. The terminals on the switch are labeled. I would also check to make sure the “L” terminal on the ignition switch is not touching something in the mounted position. That could explain why you had no problem when the switch was hanging lose.