Better Diesel Starter

I’m new to owning a Ferguson. My plan is to restore and have some fun along the way. The tractor does not run. I just started step by step to see what I have. The motor turns free but, the cylinder head may be cracked. The starter is bad and the shifter lever is stuck, but not in gear. I’ve read of a possible faster starter that would be an improvement over replacing with original model, do you have any details of this? Any suggestions, of the best place to find standard diesel parts for this tractor? July 28, 2014.

Some parts for this engine are still available from AGCO Massey Ferguson. Since more of these tractors were sold in Canada and the UK, parts are often available there that are not available here. Sparex, an after-market parts supplier, that is now owned by AGCO, has most of the common parts for the Standard Motors diesel engine. Many dealers, particularly Ford (now New Holland) and Massey Ferguson (now AGCO) sell Sparex parts. Sparex parts can also be special ordered from Steiner Tractor Parts.

There may well be a replacement starter available that is better than the original however, when the original is in good condition and the proper size battery cables are used along with two batteries as originally used, the starter should work fine. This engine has always been a hard starter, particularly when cold. Later models used glo-plugs instead of the manifold pre-heater and this does improve starting. The glo-plugs can be added to the cylinder head by most competent machine shops. I can supply you with a wiring diagram to wire them if you need one.