Best Manual for TO-35 and F40

What is the best manual to get to work on my 1957 TO-35, and 1957 F40?  October 20, 2016.

The link to the AGCO website for ordering manuals is attached. I have selected manual number 1448811M1 which is just the manual. I prefer the “Standard” version which sells for $34.47 plus shipping. This is just the pages of the manual. It is less expensive to purchase the manual this way, and then purchase a binder at your local office supply to put it in. The manual comes with the printed front, and back covers so if you purchase a binder with the clear insert covers.  You can slip these covers in the front, and back covers to create your manual. Some trimming may be necessary to get the inserts to fit the covers on the binder you purchase.

This manual is also available as a download, and on a disc but I prefer a manual I can lay on the bench or on the tractor when I am working.  The same manual is available in a binder as number 1448811M92 for $91.62 plus shipping.