Bent Steering Arm

I inherited a ’51 TO-20 with a bent steering arm.  What do I need to do to fix it?

Yes it appears the right arm is bent. I would recommend replacing it rather than straightening it. It should be part number 181369M1. This should be a relatively easy used part to locate as it is common to the TE-20, TE-A20, TO-20 and TO-30. One of our board members, Jeff Miller may have one, and I may have one but it should also be available from many salvage yards. You will need to replace the seals in the lower housing, and may need to replace the brass bushings. The bushings are now available from at least one after market parts supplier, possibly more. The outer bearings are easy to replace but the center bearing requires a great deal of care to avoid damaging the housing. The process is fully described in the factory shop manual. Once installed the bearings must be reamed to final size.