Beige and Green TO-35 Information

My name is Kyle Tanner. I live in Missouri and have a TO-35. My grandpa passed away recently and left me his dad’s tractor. He always claimed it was a 1955 but from the SN it is a 1957. I was curious about the color. This is painted beige/green. My dad claims that these colors are exactly as he remembers when he was a kid. I am curious how many of these were made this way. The SN is SGM175331. February 13, 2015.

There were a limited number of 35’s made in this color scheme. As I recall, there was an article on these rare versions in a previous issue of our magazine, Ferguson Furrows. These tractors fell within a range of serial numbers that I can’t recall at this time. The colors on the TO-35 changed to Bamboo beige/Flint metallic gray around May, 1956 and continued to around December, 1957.. These Bamboo beige/metallic green versions were produced as the Ferguson 40 was going into production and Ferguson was considering new color schemes. That is estimated to be prior to or around May, 1956.