Axle Seals Leaking and Replacement

My TO-30 has a lot of oil leaking into the brake drum and has saturated the brake shoes. Should I replace the seal and brakes? Also there is a 36-tooth ring bolted around the hub. Can You tell me what that ring is for, and should I remove it? Also should I continue to replace the seals and brake pads. June 30, 2015.

Yes, you will need to replace the seals, inner and outer. This will require removing the axle assembly and taking them to a dealer or tractor repair shop familiar with making these repairs. The axle collars have to be drilled and split with a chisel to remove them. The bearing can them be pressed off to replace the outer seal.

After the bearing is cleaned and the seal outer installed new collars are heated to expand them and driven onto the axle. The inner seals must be replaced in the end of the axle trumpet housings. The axle bearings must be packed with grease before reinstalling the axles. You will likely need at least 2 outer seals, 2 inner seals, 2 collars and 2 gaskets plus a set of brake shoes.

If the wheel bearings are bad you will have to also replace the bearings and races. As for the sprocket attached to the hub, it is a part of some implement or attachment. If you don’t have the implement or attachment you don’t need it.