Adjusting the Governor

Bob, I finally finished my F40 restoration, but my governor isn’t working; a mere touch of the speed lever and the engine takes off like a 747 leaving the runway, How should I proceed? November 12, 2015.

The first step is to make sure everything is assembled and adjusted correctly. Hopefully this is just a matter of adjusting the linkage. The adjustment procedure is outlined in the original operator’s manual, the official factory shop manual, and the I&T shop manuals. The adjustment procedure for the F-40 is the same as that for earlier model Fergusons beginning with the TO-20. I’ve also attached a link to the FENA website.

If the problem is not corrected with external adjustments, you will have to pull the timing gear cover to replace the governor. That will involve removing the hood, grill, and radiator and then pulling the crankshaft pulley. You will then be able to remove the timing gear cover.

Check carefully to make sure all the springs for the governor linkage are intact.

Steiners can supply a replacement governor for your tractor. Most, if not all of the after-market suppliers, get their stock of replacement governors from the same manufacturer. AGCO/MF uses the same manufacturer.

These replacement governors come with very specific instructions regarding the installation of a round shim behind the governor assembly, and the correct installation of the mounting nut. The nut must be installed correctly or the governor will not work. The shim and nut may be different than the original parts you find on your tractor. Make sure you follow the instructions. Also be very careful when removing the original nut and installing the new one. It is very easy to break off the threaded end of the cam shaft if the nut is over torqued or the threaded end is struck. These replacement governors are made to replace both the governor on the Z series Continental engines as well as the governor on the Perkins 3 cylinder gas engine used on the MF 135 and 150.