A-BO-22 Scraper Brace

I am rebuilding an A-BO-22. I noticed a bracket that attaches the disk gang to the frame is slotted. There does not appear to be a reason for adjustment there. Why is it slotted? May 23, 2014

The bracket or brace, #6 is for attaching the scraper assembly. The scraper assembly and the individual scrapers had to be capable of being adjusted to contact the disc blades. The different diameter disc blades required the scrapers to be positioned differently. Therefore, just about everything was slotted so it could be adjusted. On later model discs, like the MF 25, the scrapers were an accessory. You could purchase a disc without scrapers and in some conditions some operators preferred to not have scrapers.

I can’t recall whether scrapers came as standard equipment on the A-BO-22 and 32 but I suspect they did. When most of these Ferguson implements first came out they came with most of the things that later became optional equipment. Of course that wasn’t true of all implements.

Plows for instance had a number of options that could be selected when a plow was ordered, starting with the style share or base. SKO cultivators originally came with 11 tine assembles, the steering fin, plant shields and a steering guide. By the time the last Massey Ferguson versions were sold you could order them with as few or as many tines as you wanted and the steering fin, shields and steering guide were options