Kosch Anti-Kickback Accessory

This is an Add-On to a new Ferguson. Do you know what it is?

The item pictured is a steering accessory sold by the Kosch company. They were located in Columbus, Nebraska.  Some of the original advertising gave you the impression the device would provide “power steering.” The device was actually a fairly effective anti-kickback device. For anyone who has crossed plowed furrows with a 9N, 2N, TE/TO-20, or TO-30 the anti-kick back feature alone was appreciated, and may have prevented some broken arms and thumbs. The device was also popular on tricycle front tractors for the same reason. Versions were available for all tractors.

Kosch also made side-mounted sickle bar mowers, and metal swath boards for mowers. I am not sure the company is still in business, but the metal swath boards are still being made and sold.