24 Inch vs. 28 Inch Tires and Rims

You recently told me about 24″ rims on an F40 I recently acquired. Do the smaller rims require a change in gearing? Can “28” rims be mounted without adjustments? Was there a special reason for putting “24” rims on the F40, or any other model? March 8, 2016.

No gear changes are necessary when inter-changing 24″ and 28″ rims on the F-40 or any of the other Fergusons or Massey Fergusons they were used on. The outer diameter of the 24″and 28″ tires are approximately the same.

The 28″ rims on the F-40 were originally equipped with 11″, now 12.4″ x 28″ tires while the 24″ rims were originally equipped with 13″ now 14.9″ x 24″ tires.

The 24″ wheels were used by those wanting a wider or fatter tire. Wider or fatter tires have greater flotation, and bigger footprint. For that reason 24″ tires were often preferred over 28″ tires on industrial tractors, particularly those equipped with backhoes. The down side is the 24″ tires are a bit of a tight fit in the furrow when plowing, and do not pull as well on drier ground because of the larger footprint. The pressure in the 24″ tire is less than that of the 28″ tire.