16 vs. 19 Inch Front Wheel Sizes

Why do some TO-20’s have 4.00 X 19 and some have 6.00 X 16 front wheels? Do the 16″ and 19″ wheels have the same curb heights? Are there no other adjustments with the larger or smaller wheels?. October 3, 2015.

TO-20’s came with 4.00 X 19 front wheels as standard equipment but you could get 6.00 X 16 wheels as an accessory or as optional equipment.

TO-30’s came with 6.00 X 16 wheels as standard equipment but you could get 4.00 X 19 wheels as optional equipment or as an accessory.

Yes, the curb height/outer diameter is nearly identical.

As for adjustment or compensation for the wider tires, if the front wheels and rear wheels are set to the same width, the centers of the wheels will be aligned and no compensation is needed. However, Ferguson advocated setting the inner edge of the front wheels to align with the inner edge of the rear wheels. This allows the inside edge of both the front and rear wheels to hug the cut edge of the furrow. Given the narrower width of the 4.00 X 19 front tire the front axle on a tractor with 4.00 X 19 tires is usually set narrower than if the tractor has 6.00 X 16 front tires.